"Weichi is invincible. What kind of character is weichi?" With the identity of Pang Dahai, the fallen angel on the 16th floor of the prison is really a face t Although this jade material did not go to auction. Fang Ye Mou son shrinks, the eye deep place many a silk of horror. Wen Yan, ye Xiaowan's daughter, little girl. He doesn't remember the old feud between the Lu family and the Yan family. Lu Jing seems to hate Their power is terrible, with the extraordinary weapons in their hands, their strength has doubled. "Did his elder brother and sister-in-law come to the house?" he said in a low voice Liu Rong, sitting in his cart, looked at the outline of Hangu pass arrogantly and said with a sneer, For the flying arrow, the distance of four or five meters is very short, and it can fly over in a ve However, there is no upper limit on the concentration and quantity of source energy! That's what it's like to ask for money but not for life. Oh, no, it can't be called silver liquid now. It should be called the origin of dragon man's Tanaka Ichiro, full of shame and anger, threw his fist at Liu Dong. The old man of the Lin family stood up trembling and solemnly nodded to the people to approve the wi Apart from the traces left by the attack, there was no other trace of natural erosion. Of course, he These gods left one after another, not in high spirits. As long as there is a little development, there will be an infinite amount of energy.

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