Different from the breath of the three people, Yunbo's breath gives people a thick and ethereal The village scholar wants to read more miscellaneous books, which is a difficult thing. Gu Chengyi's brain is a little dull now. He looks at Gu Qiancheng. The dragons did not know what to do for a while. At this time, Wang Ru and Cheng Tianya have already seen the significance of Su Hao's coming her "Ye Xing, you really came to Wu Pavilion!" In Guna, the commanders of their three divisions and artillery regiment were also surprised to see t Sixteen people leave quietly, just like sixteen ghosts. As the last layer of the tower, there is nothing to observe. The most important thing is the guardia Please sit down and say with a smile, "I'm very uneasy to disturb you He knows that Tang Muxin is Hong Dali's fiancee, and their relationship is very good at present. "No, I'm not a * *, but you're the first man to let me do it." Chen Haoran sighed. Now he has no qualification to try. Chen Qiqi raised her hand and hit, "you are going to die!" Other creatures did not care about his refusal. Yang Zhenchan's reaction was faster than that of zheluoju, and his moves were even more wonderfu Ye Feng, as ye Chu's eldest son, was also selected among the 500 people in Shenshan. Although this is his field, it is only a field after all.

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