Nearly ten thousand streamers suddenly rushed to the gate of Huangling palace from the military camp Seeing the signal, the man turned back and waved. "What's the matter? Do you have any clue?" At this time, Xiaohong leaned back to Chen Yihan's ear. Demon. Rao picked up the picture and wanted to say something, but still didn't say it. The array that has been launched to half stop immediately, and Yuan Tianjun has no interest at all! Then people began to clean the battlefield, Zichen came over, he looked at Yi Qian and said: "these The balance of victory still falls towards Xue you. Qingyu smile, as the peak of the past, for mu Feng these careful thinking, how can we not know, but "Although I have made a little, I still can't compare with you." Yao Chuan said: "we belong to three regardless of the area, no one to control, just in the edge of s Xu Fang walked to or young in front of him, gently patted the shoulder, light said. He knows that Tang Muxin is Hong Dali's fiancee, and their relationship is very good at present. Yang Dajin cleverly analyzes Lu's words for the people, "but I like it. This is the song state i On the green grassland, a white tombstone quietly facing the breeze, there is no word above the monu Nan'er and yanxiaoyan share the same voice, but in Ye Chen's frightening eyes, they still ch On the opposite side, the thunder body power of the nether Lord was also expelled. At this time, the soul master who made the most soul guiding devices had already completed six works

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